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Web chat overview

Please, refer to Security considerations. For an example that shows how to fetch a token see Web Chat Samples. Get your bot secret key Open your bot in the Azure Portal and click Channels blade.

Note This article assumes that you already have a bot deployed in Azure. Web Chat version 4. All you have to do to use the web chat control is get your bot's secret key and embed the control in a web.

Local web chat

The Authorization header uses the BotConnector scheme and includes your secret, as shown in the example request Hookers in Vancouver Washington. The Web Chat fhat includes the Web Chat controlwhich provides the ability for users to interact with the bot directly in a web. Click Done.

A token is valid for one conversation only; to start another conversation, you must generate a new token. Embed the Web Chat control in a web The following picture shows the components involved when embedding the Web Chat control in a web. C gagger wanted

Click Edit for the Web Chat channel. Note Tokens will automatically be renewed before they expire.

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Web Chat security considerations When you use Azure Bot Service authentication with Web Chat there are some important security considerations you must keep in mind. Under Secret keys, click Show for the first key. Generally speaking, the approach is the same as before.

Local web chat

The response to your GET request will contain the token surrounded with quotation marks that can be used to start a conversation by rendering the web chat control within an iframe. With the exception that in version 4.

Although using this option will not absolutely prevent other developers from embedding your bot cyat their websites, it does make it difficult for them to do so. Exchange the secret for a token by following the instructions in the Authentication article. Copy the Secret key and the Embed code. Development embedding options Option 1 - Exchange your secret for a token, and generate the embed Use this option if you can execute a server-to-server request to exchange your web chat secret Blowjob want ads a temporary token, and if you want to make it difficult for other developers to embed your bot in their websites.

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